A Quick Story...

      Hello, my name is Audrey Vandermeulen and I am the artist behind Lunar Star Studio. I’m from Newburyport Massachusetts, which is a small seaside town north of Boston. Despite living by the water my entire life, I much prefer being in forests, which inspires my artwork with themes of magic and fantasy. I love creating pieces that focus on deep, mysterious creatures, but I also enjoy designing lighter themed work that appeals to a child-at-heart market (cute yet sophisticated) in products like surface design, stationary and toys.

      Making art has been my passion as far back as I can remember; I have been using visual media to express myself since preschool. Through 8th grade, I attended a public Montessori school where I was able to use art within my history, science and math classes. Around middle school I knew that I would be attending an art college and spent high school taking as many art classes as possible; I was also an officer in the school’s Art Honors Society. In 2015 I started studying at Pratt Munson Williams Proctor, the upstate school of Pratt Institute. I relocated to Pratt’s main campus in Brooklyn, New York in my Junior year, and I recently graduated in the Spring of 2019 with a major in Illustration and a minor in Visual Development.

      Last summer, I had the life-changing opportunity to attend the Schoolism Lakehouse with senior artist Thierry Lafontaine. Thierry has an amazing way of looking at things and he opened my eyes to different methods of capturing ideas in a concrete way. During my time at the Lakehouse, I strengthened my illustration foundations in ways I would have never thought possible.

      Throughout my life making art, I have worked with a wide variety of media. Many people state that as an artist you should focus on one medium, but this is never something I’ve followed; I work in a plethora of different 2D and 3D media including digital painting, maquettes, acrylic, marker, and multimedia sculpture. I have found that knowledge of each medium strongly reinforces the other.